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‘Buda Negra‘ will come as a surprise, when you know Glitter Rose won two ‘Artists In Music’ Awards earlier this year, one of which for Best Rock Artist.
And it’s a nice surprise! While you would be expecting screaming guitar riffs, she flips the script on us and treats us with a soothing, acoustic track!
Remember the ‘Unplugged’ series on MTV? I would love for Glitter Rose to record an ‘Unplugged’ album! Don’t get me wrong, I love all her work, but think she would ‘rock’ at setting the laid back ambiance, the one on one type of feeling. Yeah, ‘Buda Negra‘ is my personal favorite of hers!

Check in with Glitter Rose on:
Twitter: @GlitterRoseTX
Facebook: facebook.com/GlitterRoseMusic
Website: glitterrose.com
iTunes: Download Album “Dead Or Alive”
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