Create A Professional Press Release

Create A Professional Press Release


You created your new music, now it’s time to promote it. The first and most important step of your new release, is to create a professional press release to make sure it’s heard!


Create A Professional Press Release

One of the most important aspects of any artists career is releasing new music. Your music, is your product, it’s what you’re selling. The way to promote this new product, or music of yours, you need a quality press release. One that looks good, clean and clear to get the word out. This press release will be promoted in emails to your mailing list, to your socials, to your website and other press. To properly kick off your new release, make sure you create a professional press release.

With us, we will create your press release as a professional and clean image. It will include an image of yours, plus whatever content you want in it, along with contact info and where to listen to it. See in the images an example of how it’ll look.

Plus, if you’d like us to additionally promote this for you, we can do that. We will plug you to our full mailing list to create more hype for your new release. All of this will help to present you and your new release in the best possible light. Helping to create the most impact out of your new music. You worked hard to create the song, now work smart to make sure it’s heard!

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