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Odette is an electronic pop duo composed of a brother and sister named Ashlie Burgun and Keith Burgun. They have cartoon alter egos that they perform as, Ashlie is ‘Odette’ and Keith is ‘Ghost Lord’. Odette is the lead singer and writes the lyrics, while Ghost Lord composes and arranges the music. They take inspiration from Japanese Pop, Video Game and Anime music to create a unique sound all their own.
They have been releasing a lot of music lately, and now their long awaited EP has finally dropped! The EP is entitled ‘Glow’ and includes 6 tracks. The music is very upbeat and unlike anything I’ve heard before. It’s always great to see artists create something totally new and unique. These two even went so far as to create their own unique world and personas around their musical journey. With such passion invested in to this project the sky’s the limit and I’m excited to see what’s next!
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