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MuzicNotez ELITE


MuzicNotez ELITE is serious promotion for a serious musician. This is a digital PR campaign that will create the impact you deserve. You will receive exposure in all phases of the industry, we will provide you with a promotional budget to additionally create strong ad’s via social media that are professionally designed and tailored to you for the most impact possible. You’ll be featured in prime locations all over our site, magazine and social pages. We create professional press releases for you that is sent out to 10,000+ press opportunities in magazine/radio worldwide and to REAL independent music fans.


MuzicNotez ELITE – Digital Press Campaign

If you’re a serious musician, looking for serious promotion then MuzicNotez ELITE is the best deal for you. This will provide you with the top of the line exposure you’re looking for, but not at those crazy prices you find elsewhere. We know what independent musician budgets are like, and we always tailor our costs to fit as best we can.

MuzicNotez ELITE pushes you and your music in all aspects of digital PR and exposure. You’ll be prominently featured throughout our site, magazine, playlists, social pages and in our mailing list. Our marketing team designs ads via social media that fit you as an artist, to best connect with the fans that want to hear your music.

Your name and music being featured all over our well ranking music site will add to your SEO (Search Engine Optimization), increasing the odds that you’re discovered organically moving forward.

All of this gives you the immediate impact that you’re looking for to create the buzz you deserve. All of our years in marketing and PR will be put to work on your digital media campaign.

What do you get with MuzicNotez ELITE?

  • A personal PR rep working with you one on one to promote you
  • Access to the MuzicNotez PRO Tools page
  • Your name and links featured in prime locations around our site increasing your SEO and organic link backs online
  • Social media promotion – Multiple posts across all of our pages
  • Submision to our playlists – Plus embedded to the corresponding pages
  • Professional press release created and sent to 10,000+ press opportunities in magazine/radio plus REAL independent music fans
    • An entire email dedicated just to you and your latest release, including the subject line featuring your name.
  • Guaranteed Features in our magazine, both an in depth review of your latest release and an exclusive interview

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