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Name Genre Release Date Release Name Type LISTEN
Metok Music Rap 11/123/23 E.R.L.S. Single
Young Nicky Rap 10/31/23 The Calm Before The Storm Video
Stoopid Swagg OG Rap & Hip Hop 10/31/23 Like A Ghost Single
Young Nicky Rap 10/31/23 Set It Off Video
Enos Freeman Taplin Jr. Rap 10/27/23 Surprise Party Single
Metok Music Rap 10/22/23 Party In The Basement Single
Enos Freeman Taplin Jr. Rap 10/20/23 Talking Single
MysicChordZ Rock 10/16/23 Better Daze Single
Lil Machete Rap 10/13/23 I'm Goin In Single
P. Dicey Hip Hop / Afrobeats 10/1/23 Ologo Single
Grand L Afro Beats 9/30/23 Wild Single
Rich Chambers Rock / Country / Pop 09/29/23 Fortunate Son Single
Sir Maximus Esquire Alternative Rap 9/28/23 Dancing In The Darkness EP
Rice Hip Hop 09/21/23 New Jack Single
Tomigotti Dance, Pop, EDM 9/20/23 Open Your Mind Single
Stoopid Swagg OG Hip Hop 9/15/23 With All That Single
Steven Vance Hip Hop / Rap 9/8/23 All The Ways Im Broke Single
Indie Music 9/8/23 Independent Discovery (Volume 2) Compilation Album
Food Grade Poison Pop 8/29/23 Sunday Album
ACTHEKIDFROMSPACE Afropop 08/11/23 Don't Talk To Me Single
Dianne Forte Alternative/Christian 08/04/23 My Prayer I'm Abundantly Grateful Single
Festive One R&B/Soul; Jazz-Funk 07/28/23 Eternal Optimist Album
Jay Wood Alt-Indie Acoustic Singer-Songwriter 07/28/23 Initial Pulse Single
Aiden Drivefr Alternative 7/26/23 Recover Your Heart Single
Scott Brothers Ent. Inc. Hip Hop 07/25/23 Fame Ft. Conway The Machine Single
Hayden Grove Jazz/Easy Listening 07/21/23 Smile Single
Sophia Petro Indie Pop 07/21/23 Rosé Glow Single
Stoopid swagg og Hip Hop 07/19/23 Stuntin on a bitch Single
Lil Machete Hip Hop 07/07/23 The Code Wrong! Love is complicated Single
Scott Brothers Ent. Inc. Hip Hop 7/2/23 BARZ OVER DRIP Single
Jay Wood Alt-Indie Acoustic Singer-Songwriter 06/30/23 Oh Well Single
Y.K.O. Rap 06/24/23 Ghost Rider Single
Yehtrow lyn Hip Hop 6/13/23 How I Feel Single
Mississippi Mason Country 6/3/23 Better On My Own Single
Todd Barrow Country 5/26/23 Best Of Me Single
Rice Hip Hop 5/18/23 Starz Single
Jayy Kid Hip Hop / Rap 05/03/23 Big Moochie Grape-Uh Huh Uh Huh Uh Huh Freestyle Single
Mean Marc Ash Rock 04/27/23 SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL Single
Sasha Leonov Alternative Folk 4/17/23 Nomad Album
Young Nicky Rap 4/16/23 Versatile Single
F.I.S.T. Rap 4/12/23 Tha Workin' Klass Album
Igor Lisul Ambient Guitar 4/10/23 Delicate Harmony Album
INOTECH3D BEATZ Hip Hop / Rap / Trap 3/31/23 ELITE By Lerrad Prod By Inotech3D Single
Hayden Grove Easy Listening / Jazz / Crooner 3/24/23 That's Amore Single
Para-Nml EDM 3/21/23 Through The Ice Single
Jude Nicolas Rap 3/17/23 The New Journey part 2 Single
Karen Harding Indie Pop 3/17/23 Devil In The Mirror Single
Walters Fall Singer-songwriter 03/05/23 Slipped Away (Live Acoustic) Single
OPTIONistGOD Hip Hop 3/3/23 Unlimited Blow Single
gXus Hip Hop 3/3/23 Unlimited Blow Single
Capital S/HotGun singer/songwriter 02/27/23 Rep where you from Single
TOMiGOTTi POP, EDM 02/24/23 Memories Single
Hayden Grove Easy Listening, Jazz, Crooner 02/24/23 You Make Me Feel So Young Single
Dundaddamill Hip Hop 02/23/23 WhoDat!!!!.....bigfinewoman Single
Dmere R&B 02/23/23 My Thoughts In Advance Single
RavynBlackMagic Electronica / HipHop 02/16/23 Twerk it or work Single
Cody King Hiphop, Pop, R&B 02/16/23 DESTINY ALBUM Album
D.Bizness Rap & Hip Hop 02/14/23 Livin Illegal Single
Bandit Kid Rap & Hip Hop 2/13/23 Leave The Pain Behind Single
California – Les Fradkin Pop/Rock 02/06/23 Through The Looking Glass Single
OPTIONistGOD Alternative Hip Hop 02/03/23 Blindly Single
Enos Freeman Taplin Hip Hop 02/03/23 Surprise Party Single
Montrilla.g Rap 02/03/23 Off Da Muscle Single
Sounds On The Couch Mixed Independent Artists Compilation 02/01/23 Independent Discovery (Volume 1) Album
7 Headed Swan Alternative, Doom Metal, Black Gaze 01/27/23 Demon Tea Single
Bravo Hip Hop 01/26/23 Here To Stay Single
Rich Chambers Rock/Country/Pop 01/24/23 I'm a Fool for Lovin' You Single
Uknomewel Rap & Hip Hop 01/22/23 DrugHouse Single
ZIGIDIZ Afrobeat 01/19/23 Dream Single
Meadow Argus Psychedelic Folk 01/13/23 Dancing Through A Slow Apocalypse Album
Enos Freeman Taplin Hip Hop 01/13/23 Talking Single
ZIGIDIZ Rap & Hip Hop 01/11/23 FlowIndicca Single
California feat Les Fradkin Pop 01/05/23 California Loves You Album
Enos Freeman Taplin Hip Hop 01/04/23 Straighter Curve Single
Cody King Hiphop, Pop, R&B 01/01/23 BETTER DAYS ALBUM Album
Big Retro R&B 01/01/23 Let Me Down Single
Nedislav Dragnev Pop, House, Dance 12/31/22 Love's Deep Inside Single
zenobiasounds R&B, Neosoul, Dreamy, Experimental 12/26/22 Games Single
Karen Harding Folk 12/16/22 It's Okay Single
TOMiGOTTi POP, Dance 12/02/22 I am groovy Single
Dominque Robbins aka DMINQ R&B 11/25/22 Let Me In Featuring Search Of X Single
F.I.S.T. Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop, Rock 11/19/22 Tha Playlist Vol1: The Beginning Album
TOMiGOTTi Lofi-POP 11/18/22 Chapters Single
Brendan White Hip Hop 11/16/22 Thinkin’ (feat. G Lauv) Single
Hayden Grove Easy Listening, Jazz, Crooner 11/13/22 You Make Me Feel So Young Single
Carl Brown Hip Hop 11/12/22 Don’t Mention Single
Karen Harding Folk 11/11/22 Strong For You Single
Princekidd R&B 10/28/22 Holding On Single
Dooley KP Hip Hop 10/25/22 Can’t Stop Dat South Single
Igor Lisul Alt Rock 10/21/22 Alive Album
Obvious Rap / R&b 10/20/22 Touchdown Single
Scott Brothers Hip Hop 10/17/22 90's EAST RAP Single
Dianne Forte Alternative 10/06/22 GOD SEES YOUR HEART (INSTRUMENTAL) Single
F.I.S.T. Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop, Rock 10/06/22 In My Own Galaxy Single
Crystal Sherie Rap/Hip Hop/ Christian Rap/ Christian Hip Hop 09/20/22 Don’t Block Your Blessings Single
Zeroed Hero Rock 9/15/22 Second Guessing Single
F.I.S.T. Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop, Rock 09/09/22 70's House Party!!! Album
NITEMxRE N-A DRExMLxND Rap/r&b 08/12/22 Temptation ft June B Single
Big Rome Rap/Hip Hop Urban 08/10/22 Beast Mode EP EP
Dianne Forte Alternative/Christian 08/05/22 God Sees Your Heart Single
NITEMxRE N-A DRExMLxND R&B / Rap 08/03/22 The Moonlight Single
Hayden Grove Easy Listening, Country, Pop 07/30/22 Always On My Mind Single
F.I.S.T. Hip-Hop/Rap, Pop, Rock 07/29/22 Back At It Again (Reloaded) Album
iamtheHOPEmusic Pop, Urban 07/29/22 Act Up Single
Yehtrow lyn Rap & Hip Hop 07/26/22 W.m.i.y Single
NITEMxRE N-A DRExMLxND Trap/R&B 07/23/22 Who Up Next? Single
Joann Cervellino Pop 07/21/22 I WILL DANCE Single
Food Grade Poison Avant garde 07/20/22 Requiem Video
Jaylyn Worthey Rap & Hip Hop 07/14/22 W.m.i.y Single
Hayden Grove Easy Listening, Rock 'n Roll, Pop 07/06/22 If I Can Dream Single
Hiique Rap & Hip Hop 06/28/22 Reckless Twenties Single
JK. Carter Hip Hop/Trap 06/24/22 Old Same New Stranger Single
NITEMxRE N-A DRExMLxND Rap/r&b 06/24/22 Falling out of love Single
Krypticsoundz R&B 06/22/22 Soul and RnB Single
DME Music feat Nora Yvelle Dance 06/21/22 Secret Admirer Single
illaCat Rap & Hip Hop 06/19/22 Civil UnRest Album
Maxx osama Rap & Hip Hop 06/17/22 Speak on it Single
Maxx osama Rap & Hip Hop 06/13/22 Up Now Single
R.O.M.A.N. Pop, Hip-Hop, EuroPop 06/08/22 Touch Single
Byron Taylor Pop / Jazz 06/07/22 Time Is The River Album
D3VONN3 Hip Hop / R&B 06/05/22 Tell Ya Man Video
A.J. Fox Rap & Hip Hop 06/03/22 Universal Mastery Single
Maxx osama Rap & Hip Hop 06/01/22 Running racing chasing Single
JK. Carter Hip Hop/Trap 05/26/22 Old Same New Stranger Single
Ka'lissa ni'kalle R&B 05/25/22 Save You Video
Kalissa Rap & Hip Hop 05/25/22 Never let you go Video
Maxx Osama Rap & Hip Hop 05/20/22 Place now Single
Ordinary People Electronic 05/19/22 Lonely is Cosmos Single
LADY ELIZABETH TOWNSEND Christian Country Gospel 05/18/22 My King Jesus Single
Mr E.rockster Expose Rap & Hip Hop 05/13/22 The Amuse II (REMIX) Single
Screaming Bones Psychedelic 05/12/22 In this World Single
Rajon Germaine Spruiel Punk Grunge Pop 05/12/22 The Chase by all hell the misfits Video
Mean Marc Ash Rock 05/09/22 Proud Mary Single
Maxx Osama Trap / Rap 05/06/22 Notice Single
Screaming Bones Psychedelic 05/05/22 Not Welcome Single
Blow_flyy Rap & Hip Hop 05/04/22 Where Do We Go Video
Maxx Osama Rap & Hip Hop 04/29/22 Like That Single
Mr E.rockster Expose Rap & Hip Hop 04/28/22 They Amuse Video
Sergey Electronic 04/23/22 Rain Single
Anthony Albanese Alt Rock 04/19/22 Headgames Single
Maxx Osama Hip Hop & Pop 04/18/22 Nothing Last Forever Single
Andre Rap & Hip Hop 04/18/22 Speak Single
Airdeemoney Rap & Hip Hop 04/07/22 Put Me In The Trap Single
Donnie Goins Jr Country 04/01/22 Take Me Outta Tennessee Single
Rich Chambers Pop/Rock 03/27/22 Saw Her Standing There Video
R.A.R.E. Rap & Hip Hop 03/25/22 Much More Than That Single
Rocky Blanco Rap & Hip Hop 03/25/22 Off In My Zone Single
DemiGod Erickque Rap & Hip Hop 03/20/22 6is6ide6 Single
J-Carter Rap & Hip Hop 03/17/22 One Drink Away (Remix) Single
Sam Hankins Jazz 03/13/22 It's Okay Video
Craymo Reggaeton 02/25/22 One Love One World (We Are One) Single
Ahuna Mons Electronic 01/26/22 There Are Only Stars Above You Single
groovemasta Electronic 01/01/21 PureBloods Persecution Album
Rich Chambers Rock 09/21/21 High School Can't Last Forever Video
Marios Papalexis Pop 10/24/17 Like The Wind, Like The Fire Single
Jom Rapstar Hip Hop 08/21/15 Finding Inner Peace Single

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