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Congratulations! You've been SIGNED to our indie music label, now that you've signed with us, we represent you. You're our talent, and we're your personal promoters. We want you to succeed, the more you do, the more we do! Your account information has been E-Mailed to you.

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Upgrade to our worldwide management services, our PR Team professionally represents you, and submits you to 100+ press opportunities each month. Industry opportunities in magazine, radio, booking, licensing and major labels.

How do we promote you?

We personally work with you, we connect with you and promote you through our site, magazine and our indie network that we've formed through years in the industry. Connect with us personally through our MuzicNotez profile, or hit us up on Facebook and Twitter.

Through our NotezWorthy ratings system all of your tracks, videos and pictures will be voted on by your piers and indie fans accross the globe for additional promotion and to be in our NotezWorthy Top 10.
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The ETA directly promotes our top emerging artists and help connect you with indie industry leaders. They're on a continual talent search through our site to find you! Check Them Out >>

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