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  • Current Status:  All of my music, lyrics, and a clip of every song are available for 99 cents an mp3 download at www.willsegraves.com.
    Please sign up for my news letter and send me all your contact info so we can get to know each other and keep in touch.
    Event: September 4th, Saturday: Feast on the Street, Block Party
    Event Description:Live kickin' hot lick blues & jazz fused music with free food and refreshments on the streets. It's a block party for any one who wants to lighten things up and get your soul fed with some hot southern fried food and blues. Come as you are but you'll leave full and happy.
    'Hope Dealers' start at 4pm, with 'Souled Out' following. Then we'll eat and I'll break out my guitar. My picks are all sharpened up and I put some chicken grease on my fret board. We'd love to hang out with you. Take you're shoes off and cop a squat. Stay awhile. Bring the dogs. See ya there...
    Event Date/Time 9-4-10, starts around 4pm Host: Messiah Street Ministries
    Location: Greeneville, TN. Sept 4th, Saturday. Call Mike Elmore for more info at: 423 620 1678
    2010 Schedule of Events:

    * September 4, 4pm, Greeneville, TN, 'Feast on the Street' Messiah Street Ministries
    * September 5, 6pm, Greenville, TN, The Gathering Church
    * September 6th, Harrogate, TN, Harrogate Park, CMA, live music
    * September 7th, 3pm, Harrogate County TN, Jail
    * September 7th, 7pm, Celebrate Recovery Pump Springs Church, TN
    * September 9th, 6pm, The Bridge, Falls Church, West Virginia, Watch live on the Internet
    * September, 17-19, Joplin, MO, Inner City Outreach
    * September 24-26, Fayetteville, AR, Blues Festival
    * October 3, LaGrange, GA, Heart Of Worship Church
    * October 20-23, Greenbrier, AR, Foothills Faith Tabernacle Church
    * May of 2011 begins Jerusalem, Israel, Concert Tour
  • Artist Name:  Will Segraves
  • Genre:  Blues-Rock
  • About & History:  You can buy all my Cd's at willsegraves.com.

    I got my first guitar in 1963. My first real guitar and amp was a 1956 Gibson Melody Maker and a Sears Silvertone two channel 2X12 amp. In my first band we mostly jammed but worked up some Grand Funk, Hendrix and the Allman Brothers band music. We couldn't afford much so the bass player put four heavy guitar strings on his "Decca" guitar and tuned it down an octave. The bass played through the same amp as my guitar and adding a drummer made us a back yard power trio. I got a job at 14 years old bagging groceries and saved enough to buy a 1967 Fender Dual Showman Reverb from a guitarist at a local club for $400. Later on I got a 1965 Brown Face Fender Princeton amp. more to come...
  • Website:  site number one; www.willsegraves.com ; or site number 2; http://www.reverbnation.com/willsegraves, or site number three; http://my.musicians.com/willsegraves/
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