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  • Artist Name:  Aykay
  • Genre:  Rap and Hip Hop
  • About & History:  Spit it different entertainment/stay tru productions was started in about 2005 by aykay and young B. many different ppl have co-labed with S.I.D. Ent. but only 3 members have stayed with the group for most of the time of it exsistance and exceled in musicianship aykay, jesus lee, and casta-nova. aykay has been writing, preforming, and producing hip hop vocals for about a lil over 7 yrs. Casta-nova has been writing and preforming hip hop vocals for about 9 yrs. Jesus lee has been playing musi...
  • Website:  www.spititdiff.spruz.com
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  • Date:2011-01-25 22:43:37         
  • Hey what's up? I'd like to checkout some tracks. There are a lot of great promo offers on this site including interviews, inclusions to take your tracks head to head against other members with our battles and more! – REPLY >