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  • Current Status:  Listen to Killroot's demo's 14 years after and Shame!
  • Artist Name:  Killroot
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  • Date:2011-01-24 21:14:29         
  • Tamara Harrington to me show details 12:45 AM (19 hours ago) I love your music dude!! Rock On!!!!!!!Denise Bailey likes this. Jennifer Ann Maris yeah he should finish it Monday at 4:31pm · LikeUnlike Vincent Kotka Thank you Jennifer! Monday at 5:22pm · LikeUnlike Greta Bailey finish it Monday at 5:32pm · LikeUnlike Vincent Kotka Thanx Greta! Monday at 5:45pm · LikeUnlike Greta Bailey your welcome Monday at 6:04pm · LikeUnlike Dillon Mcdaniel yep finish it Monday at 6:46pm · LikeUnlike Greg Sweetin hell yeah finish it! this is good.. got great flow. about 1:44 when the drop comes in it makes the listener focus more on whats next. keep it up and keep rocking :) Monday at 7:55pm · LikeUnlike Tamara Bailey Thanks Greg (Big Hugs) Tuesday at 10:18am · LikeUnlike Lisa Bailey you guys rock. hope 2 here more about you!!!! Tuesday at 11:17am · LikeUnlike Denise Bailey F*** YEAH FINISH THAT SHIT!!!! LIKE SOME BACK IN THE DAY AC\DC W ANGUS YOUNG STUFF...........GIMME CHILLS... – REPLY >