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  • Artist Name:  Zacaria James
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  • About & History:  Zacaria James was born and raised in Kokomo/ Russiaville, Indiana. This young Mid-West resident is widely known for his diverse and adaptive capabilities of combining genres and styles to produce his own sound. Starting his grind at the age of 15, Zacaria has worked with various artists like DJ Woogie (SODMG) , John Conte (Grammy Winner ) while landing prime opening spots for artists like Do or Die, Travis Porter, Gorilla Zoe. Zacaria James is currently working on breaking his own record and releasing his new mixtape "Patience" w/ Joshua J. (Former T-Pain Dancer) .... As of Today Zacaria James has released two music videos"ME" and "Grown"(Sexy Lady) and both reached over 60,000 hits... Zacaria Plans on breaking the 100 k hits marker and onto his first million hits with his new release "Fight For The Right" authored by Zacaria James.... Just like ever single record he as ever released. This goal is one of many that he lives by and is fully determined to accomplish..... Along with his ability to be quite the talented singer , rapper, and songwriter he also has experience in the art of dance. Zacaria James has been a Hip-Hop Instructor since he was at a young age of 16, teaching the youth various ways to express themselves through movement. In conclusion, with Zacaria James's ability to harness multiple abilities : Dancing , Rapping, Singing, Engineering , Producing, Editing , Social Media Management, Performing, professions of photography and business management... He now at the age of 23 can has the ability morph into what people describe him as the New Face of Hip-Hop/ A New Generation of Music.
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