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  • Artist Name:  Tragic
  • Genre:  Rap and Hip Hop
  • About & History:  We have here the future of Hip-Hop rap artist Tragic, 26, representing the Midwest from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Since childhood he has been known and recognized for having extraoridinary word play with a flow of confidence. His style is in the degree of street, poetic, club and just pure entertainment with a fresh style that can capture crowds of true music lovers. Most people may assosiate him with his rap group Colossal Villains, rap partners "Thural" and "Phyzikal" who has a solo deal with Def Jam Island. Colossal Villains have been a well known local group in Fort Wayne, IN and surrounding areas and has open up for such acts as Twista, Lyfe Jennings, Snoop, Ice Cube, and Rakeem to name a few. Tragic and his rap partners have also colaborated with Lazy Bone, with Jazzy Pha productions and with underground legend Bo Hagen. Not to mention his rap partner Phyzikal with tracks with Jazzy Pha, Dream and most recent track "Girls Gone Crazy" featuring Wocka Flocka & Roscoe Dash. There is obviously dedication and real talent in the mist of Tragic and his Colossal Villains crew. Tragic has taken a leap since 2006 and begin to work on his first solo album "All Over Like Newspaper", later followed by his second album "Results Could be Tragic". All togather he has Three solo's the latest titled and recently released "Get Out My Way". Along with his group and solo albums he has mixtapes on his record making him one of the most known underground locals in town. He has been compared to such acts as Lil Wayne, Eminem, Tupac and Big L. His freestyles are unheard of, his stage presence is capturing, his style is intriging, his word play is phenomenal. Representing the Midwest side he is ready to take it on the next level and is available for record, publishing and management deals
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  • Date:2010-11-09 12:23:09         
  • Hey Tragic welcome to MuzicNotez, thanks for joining and submitting some great tracks! We have some great tools available here for you to continually go up our rankings and to gain more promotional offers and incentives which include magazine interviews, headliner radio, qualification into approval for our homepage battles where you can win recording time and print magazine ad inclusions and so much more. All of this is free of course, just show us what you got is all we ask! If you are confused on our rankings, you can click the image that appears next to your 'Current Rank' which shows right below your display picture on your profile. Can't wait to checkout more from you and if you need help contact me with questions. – REPLY >