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  • Current Status:  What's up Peep, my new album NORTHSIDE RAISED, SOUTHSIDE PAID is here Biggest album of my career.
  • Artist Name:  SanDaDon
  • Genre:  Rap and Hip Hop
  • About & History:  A hustler by nature SanDaDon is always getting it, whether it's street grind or Making music. Imagine an educated thug that know the streets like the back of his hand but got the mind of 1000 year old wise man. San is not your average "rapper". His creative song writing is dominent in this era of lolly-pop artist. He's the one man N.W.A of the new age and can make a dance track that'a make Souja Boy GET HIS DOUG-E ON. This is the cure for the " I'm tired of the sh#t they playing on the radio everyday" sin-drome. SanDaDon got two classic albums in stores right now, "DA M.P.I.R.E" and "DA MAYOR" with over 10,000 units sold so far. San's stage presence is not a performance, but a testimony to a life worthy of a book or movie.
    With the release of San's 3rd album "NORTHSIDE RAISED, SOUTHSIDE PAID", San gets up close and personal with his audience sharing life experiences with outstanding word play with beats that match the intensity and emotion in his voice. Born and raised on the northside of St.Louis,Mo, the album title says it all sense the southside is where San made a name for himself grinding his way to the top of the food chain on the streets. After two successful album releases San know he needed money and lots of it if he was going to take this third album to the next level. So San got his money right started a new movement O.R.F ORGANIZE RHYME FAMILY and has been taking the streets over ever sense.
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  • Date:2014-04-01 02:21:14         
  • Welcome to MuzicNotez! Looking forward to hearing the new album when it drops. Soon as you get some tracks up on your profile we'll help push one of them in our next magazine issue! Let us know if you have any questions :) – REPLY >