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  • Current Status:  New here getting our music out to the world!
  • Label Name:  LevelUpEnt01
  • Preferred Genre:  Rap and Hip Hop
  • Label & History:  EROCK & YL BRIDEWELL AKA KyBoyZ born and raised in Covington KY raised by a single mother. They grew up on the streets got into got into trouble. They found music and started getting into raping. This would save them getting in more trouble and away from prison. They write and produce all our music. They have been working on their music for 10 years! Both have kids of their own now and work full-time jobs plus producing their music. Music is thair passion. In August of 2016 they linked up with Level Up Entertainment. Nothing but gold to the top!
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  • Website:  www.MuzicNotez.com
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