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  • Current Status:  I live, feel, breathe, and nurture with Music>
  • Artist Name:  LAURA CARSON
  • Genre:  Pop
  • About & History:  Early life Laura Shellman Carson was born in Waycross Ga and grew up in Folkston, Ga. She and her twin sister Lori Shellman Barbosa were know since the age of five to woo the crowds including churches,fundraising functions and schools with their shimmering sounds. At Charlton County High School, Carson was a cheerleader and 1996 Miss Homecoming Queen. And traveled along with her sister Lori with Corner Stone Ministeries performing with the male chorus. Carson attended Florida Metropolitan University and recieved a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting in 2006. Carson in 2008 became a member of the Community Action Association and work with low-income families, homeless as well a being involved with her community promoting literacy as well as self-sufficience.
    Carson has done many projects as with her singing/songwriting career and look forward to many more. In 1998, Carson along with her sister recording for MCA Records, which was written by Carson. Carson also recorded an entire album with Ruel Entertainment, Inc in Riverside, CA. (but was never publicized) Album titled "Away" (2003). Also, works recorded with TLK the Great songs titled Can't Stop "I Can't Stop Thinking" (FEATURED ON THIS PAGE)and "What would you do" (2007). Carson currently holds her own publishing company with ASCAP "Tazyon Music Publishing, Inc. Currents work include lastest single featuring Shawn Boi "Do You (love me the way that I love)" which is available on Itunes, Amazon (Europe) CDBaby @ and EMusic.

    Florida Metropolitan University-Jacksonville
    Graduated: 2006
    Student status: Alumni
    Degree: Bachelor's Degree
    Major: Accounting
    2002 to 2006..
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