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  • Current Status:  Aquafina Sunny D!!!
  • Artist Name:  Kid Akeem
  • Genre:  Rap and Hip Hop
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    "They say that the skies the limit, but i've been past heaven."
    -Kid Akeem-
    Born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas, Kid Akeem’s life was no walk in the park. Being raised in a single parent home with a limited income only propelled him make something out of himself. Upon graduating from the University of Arkansas at Pine bluff with a Bachelors in Food Service & restaurant management…Kid Akeem found himself with a position at the University of Virginia. Six-months later, at the age of 24--he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

    While the diagnosis was a challenge, Kid Akeem did persevere and became an even better and STRONGER man because of it. While the love of music has been present since birth, it wasn’t until moving to Texas in 2013 that he realized pursuing music was his destiny. Originally a poet, the transition to artist was seamless.
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