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  • Artist Name:  Gratefully Deadicated Sound System
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  • About & History:  I DJ Grateful Dead music and mix it in a seamless set. I play legendary Grateful Dead songs and jams from memorable concerts woven together to create the ultimate and unique Grateful Dead experience. Tracks are chosen from my high quality collection of cds and dats consisting of over 1500 Grateful Dead concerts.
    I'M GOING TO POST MY LIVE MIXES EVERY 2 WEEKS ON MY WALL,SO EVERYONE CAN DOWNLOAD OR STREAM THE MUSIC FOR FREE. Please tell all your friends to add me as a friend and they can share the music too.


    Read on to hear about some of the Gratefully Deadicated's past gigs....

    For the past 10 years I have been playing festivals and clubs all over Canada and the US. I practiced my skills with a mixer for 2 years before I played my first show. The magic took place after a Phish show at the legendary Industry Nightclub in Toronto attracting over 800 people.
    This followed up by renting out The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco on the Saturday after New Years in 2002 by flyering the entire parking lot at the Other One’s New Years Eve run. It was a great party and I played for 6 hours to a full house.
    From this gig I got bookings throughout the United States...
    I played a festival in Eugene Oregon called the Family Affair run by John Cippolina’s son. I have also played outdoor parties in Buffalo and Michigan.
    I have been playing a huge festival in Halifax, Nova Scotia called the Evolve Festival for the past 5 years. This Festival was just written up in Outdoor magazine as one of the top 25 music festivals to visit in North America. The article story featured info about both Xavier Rudd and myself which was quite an honor for me. They have jam bands play till mid night (Steve Kimoch,Madeski Martin & Wood, Mike Gordon, Ect) are some of the bands that have played the festival and then the electronic Dj’s take over. They built a stage just for me and I play from mid night till 6 in the morning for two nights. Last year they built a yurt for me to play in and it held over 1000 people.
    Also I have opened up for Al Schiner (moe.) when he did his solo project in Toronto and various other cities.
    A big highlight for me was getting the chance to open up and play in between sets for Bob Weir and Ratdog in Toronto on Halloween 2006.
    Over the past two winters I have played at moe’s new winter festival in Lake Placid New York called Snow.down
    You can read more about what I do on my web site and for booking Live gigs my email is
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