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  • Artist Name:  DELIMA D5
  • Genre:  Alternative
  • About & History:  Evening guys. This time we are deliberately answer the question * from a friend d5. Create a question that has not been in time to answer. Okay guys jd in see ya ya .. originally pomegranate name d5 formed .. as well as elements and meanings. From the pomegranate d5 itself.
    1. D5 * we already know the basic pancasila we have how many :) contains how many sequences.
    2. D5 * try to mention the pillars of Islam how many are there: the wrong one kabina bina we eta mah :)
    3.D5 * we know that our finger finger there is how much :) on each hand. Kalo 6 and less exceptions only :)
    4.DELIMA * D5 a key tone of the d5 chord itself taken from chord d5.
    5.DELIMA is a red fruit that we know right!
    Why is there a relationship ???
    Because on its red base symbolizes the blood that we know of. That white red is the flag of Indonesia.
    Pomegranate is formed in Sukabumi.
    Su.ka.bu.mi The word spelling symbolizes that the pomegranate has four personnel.
    Su + ka + bu + mi.
    Yoga.dzan.erik .falik.
    So DELIMA D5 for us has its own meaning and meaning.
    From its forming up to now.
    However, although the name D5 has a meaning and a big meaning. But we return it back to the community.
    Are we able and accepted in the eyes of society ???
    So despite the great meaning. We will turn it back to the listeners.
    So from here we know the biography of pomegranate children like what. We need support and prayer from you.
    We will never move forward if we do not support each other.
    This is only a brief description of some explanations.
    So the point
    Delima D5 .. band of origin sukabumi consists of four people with citizenship an red and white. :)
    Short message
    Yoo love indonesian music. Love indie music. Do not forget to love your father father.
    Make read thank you already read ..
    And for you who are curious about his song.
    Please enable rbt / nsp. To listen to the reff of the song bring me.
    Who has not got the song yet. Please wait ..
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