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  • Current Status:  Hey all, just released my first album, Matter, available at most online stores.
  • Artist Name:  Bruce Totaro
  • Genre:  Indie
  • About & History:  My story is fairly typical. I always loved music of all kinds and enjoyed singing, although my interest mainly leaned toward rock. Classic rock, pop rock, metal, punk, new wave, alternative, it's all good to me. At one time, I was a singer in a band, with little success (all right, none). I wanted to write songs and say things the way I wanted to say them, so I learned how to play guitar (kind of) and did it.

    When people ask me what kind of music I play, I just say it's DIY indie rock: unkempt, untidy, with ragged edges intact. People can draw their own conclusions beyond that. I write, sing, and play everything myself (okay, the drums come from a machine, but I create the tracks from scratch).

    I do this mostly for my own personal enjoyment but am happy to share my sounds with anyone who's interested. I just write and play what I like and hope others like it too.
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