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  • Current Status:  while our page is under construction for the time being, check us out on at!/pages/Ascension/136498323085110
  • Band Name:  Asension
  • Genre:  Metal
  • About Us & History:  Jon, Ian, and Nikoli started sharing an intrest in music at a young age, and after countless amounts of failed attempts they finally got it right.....

    Nikoli- Vocals
    Peewee- Guitar
    Jon H.- Bass
    Jon S.- Drums
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  • Date:2011-04-30 18:04:34         
  • Hey, do you guys have any audios you'd like to add which will grow your ranks for things like interviews and more? Hope all is well with you and your songwriting! – REPLY >
  • Date:2011-04-07 10:44:52         
  • Got any tunes you can add? – REPLY >
  • Date:2011-04-06 15:03:16         
  • Hey Welcome to MuzicNotez! Really looking forward to checking you guys out. Big metal fan. – REPLY >