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  • Artist Name:  Adriana SA
  • Genre:  Experimental
  • About & History:  Born into a family full of artists I fell in love with all kinds of music.. I love singing and performed alongside well known country singers, Ken Mullen, Clive Bruce, Barbara Ray, Matt Hurter, Kenny Rogers, Bobby Angel, Sally Field, Wendy Oldfield and more. Being a professional dancer and singer my passion for music only grew & I know and understand what a party crowd craves on a dance floor.
    My first LOVE is Deep House & Techno, but I recently created my own unique genre.... 'abit of everything' mostly psychedelic minimal deep tech house ~ Psymitech, combining dark psychedelic minimal tech and sexy Prog Psy. These textures of ear candy takes your psychedelic experience to the doorway of 4th dimensional plains.
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  • Welcome to MuzicNotez! Upload some music so we can promote it in our magazine :) – REPLY >