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Now Playing:  Another Life  BY:  3mind Blight  

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  • Artist:  3mind Blight
  • Description:  The name of the Track is called Another Life. While writing the song I had to place myself in the mindstate of someone with great loss and sadness on the verge of losing it. It is a very emmotional song.That ends on a very positive note. Several emmotions can be felt during the song. In the song a story unfolds telling the tale of a man who loses his son to murder from gang violence and he blames himself and falls deep into drugs and alcohol. He then wants to take his own life. While staring down at the gun..pulling the trigger. The gun locks up...and the man looks up seeing his son..and changes his life for the better to live on for his son....therefore getting Another Life..
  • Genre:  Rap and Hip Hop
  • Title:  Another Life
  • Tags:  3mind  Blight    Rap  
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